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Peter Parthoens

In 2012, Peter received the vision of FatheringBelgium during several months of prayer. Since 2014 Peter Parthoens operates in fulltime ministry.

He has a heart for intercession and the prophetic.

For years Peter and Laura, both second generation Christians, have been active in Christian churches and several Christian organisations as voluntaries, where they got experienced in leadership and discipleship.

Laura van Nieuwenhuizen
Project Manager

Laura has 10+ years of experience in Human Resources Management. In 2014 Laura joined Stapsteen vzw as a volunteer. She also helped the start of a Christian elementary school in Brussels, of which she is an active board member.

Laura has a heart for women. As a mom of three kids, she's passionate about equiping other moms to raise biblical-based and Spirit-anointed children. She also loves to connect with and support women in their daily walk with the Lord.

An alliance of leaders

with a Kingdom lifestyle

to influence generations

with the aim of

transforming a nation.

Raising Fathers, Loving Sons

An alliance of leaders

with a Kingdom lifestyle

to influence generations

with the aim of

transforming a nation.


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1. FAMILY: Love (Father God, yourself as the other) is the core foundation, which transforms our character into Christlikeness. - IDENTITY

2. FAITH: Bible-based communion with practicing the motivational gifts and the ministry gifts of the Spirit; to know & to bring the mind, will and heart of God.                                                                       - ABILITY

3. FATHERING: discipling leaderschip with the focus on the Fatherheart of God (leaders whom bring forth leaders in a Kingdom mindset).                                                                                                                        - PURPOSE

4. TRANS-FORMING: The restoration of a Kingdom Culture in this nation, through growth in leadership to disciple others. This from inside the Belgian Church by ‘raising up’ spiritual fathers whom will preserve (Gen.2: 15), expand (Fill.1 6) & pass on (Hebr.12:1) the spiritual inheritance to the next generations. The total spiritual transformation (“7 Influence mountains”) of Belgium as the ultimate goal.              - GLORY



  • LOVING: to know each other in depth - victories and failures; heart’s desires & life calling.



  • LIVING: sharing life & spiritual encounters to grow into a leadership lifestyle of holiness.

= Deepening of the personal relationship with Holy Spirit. [FAITH]


  • LEADING: directing (‘discipling’) other followers by example in our spheres of influence (society / church), with dedication to serve those whom

C.1. lead us (fathers)

C.2. peer-to-peers (brothers)

C.3. we lead (sons).



  • LIFTING: A) Calling forth the Bride’s full Identity and Power to restore the Belgian nation to present them to God as His gift.

= [TRANS-]

       B) to lead disciples into a Kingdom Life style of Worship.


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